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Rain protection for your mobility scooter

September 9, 2022

Don't let the rain stop you from getting out, from canopies to accessories, discover how to protect your mobility scooter.

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The darker and colder months are fast approaching which is also a sign of damper times and more downpours.

Most mobility scooters are still able to function in the rain, however, the wet outdoors can be a deterrent of going out. Consequentially, this can see mobility-dependent individuals stuck indoors as they understandably wouldn’t want to get soaking wet on their journey. Isolation levels will rise and can leave someone feeling lonely and trapped within their 4 walls during winter.

We certainly don’t want this to happen and have the perfect solutions that can partner with your mobility scooter to be ready for the rain. There are several ways to keep yourself dry and warm when out in a wheelchair or mobility scooter and Sheerlines can supply you with the quality products to achieve this.

Mobility scooter canopy

Add a mobility scooter canopy to act as a cover of protection from wet and windy conditions. Feel confident in going outside despite the weather as you can operate your mobility scooter with a rain canopy surrounding you. This can encourage people with limited mobility to get out of the house and be able to complete any activities they would usually want to do.

Mobility scooter covers

Another popular option to prepare your mobility scooter for the rain is to purchase quality covers for mobility scooters. These can be placed over the seat, handles and operating buttons to prevent any of these features from becoming drenched. Equally, we also supply wheelchair covers that act for the same reason and offer the same protection for all mobility users.

Adaptive clothing

Now, we can keep the mobility scooter dry but we also have a duty to keep the individual nice and warm too. Therefore, a further option is to add adaptive clothing to your wardrobe that acts to keep someone dry and cosy when outside on a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

This adaptive clothing can include mac style pullovers, rainguards and leg covers, each designed to be extremely waterproof and often include sewn-in fleece lining to add a layer of extra warmth.

Our adaptive clothing for wheelchair or mobility scooter users is available to both children and adults.

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Don’t let the rain stop you from going out, protect your mobility scooter, wheelchair and yourself in order to go about your day as usual or join family and friends for some quality socialising.

All of our mobility scooter canopies, covers and clothing are manufactured in the UK and can be delivered to you in a quick and efficient manner. You can start an order online, or if you have any questions, please get in touch to discover more about our mobility scooter accessories.

Get a step ahead of the winter and equip yourself or your loved one with what they need.

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Mobility and comfort are our top priority