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Bespoke | Custom-Made | Fork truck canopy

June 14, 2023

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We would love to work with you and develop new designs, so whether you're seeking to enhance the functionality of your fork trucks or revitalize your old seat covers, Sheerlines is your trusted partner for custom-made accessories. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and are excited to embark on this journey with you. At Sheerlines, we specialize in creating accessories for mobility scooters and wheelchairs, as well as custom-made items for a range of industries. One of our most exciting projects is the creation of custom sides for fork trucks.


Our goal is to deliver practical and visually appealing solutions that enhance your operations and provide a fresh look for your equipment. The flexible, waterproof, and UV-resistant clear material makes an excellent protective barrier for your equipment. These sides can be made to be simple, or they can be designed with zips to create a door that rolls up, back or both.

The beauty of custom-made sides for fork trucks is that the design can be tailored to the customer's preferences or our own suggestions. We can add a colour or even more accessories to make it unique to your company. The ease of attaching and removing the sides is an added benefit. Our team will come to your location to measure your fork truck, and we will discuss your preferences before we begin designing. Our designer creates both manual and computerized sketches and patterns for a perfect fit.

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One of the greatest advantages of custom sides for fork trucks is that it is much more affordable than solid doors. Our sides provide the same protection, and they can be easily removed if they are not needed. Our company has already worked with a few businesses, but we are always excited to see what other customized canopies/sides/doors we can make.

Fork trucks models for which we made canopies/ sides/ rear panels in the past:



DPC 2048


ARTISON FG25 Gas Truck

ARTISON FD50 Diesel Truck



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Give Your Equipment a New Look

Fork Truck Seat Cover

Another one of our exciting projects is the creation of a seat cover for an old fork truck seat. If your old seat has a dirty and broken cover, our team can measure and design a practical, waterproof black cover that will give your seat a new look. Our elegant design will make your seat look like new, and it will provide a much-needed layer of protection.

At Sheerlines, we take pride in creating unique and practical solutions for our customers. Our custom sides for fork trucks and seat covers are just a few examples of the type of work we can do. We are always excited to see what new challenges our customers will bring us and look forward to creating customized solutions for your business.


Author: R.Calin

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Mobility and comfort are our top priority