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Mobility and comfort are our top priority

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How long will products last?

Our products are extremely durable and with care will last a lifetime.

Do products fold up?

Most of our products will fold up.

How does it fasten up around the wheelchair?

Generally clear instructions are provided but please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff if you need to.

What kind of wheelchairs do Sheerlines products fit around?

Most wheelchairs, but for any unusual design we can fit any wheelchair within reason as our products are made in the UK.

How do I open a canopy door?

Sheerlines Standard and Deluxe canopies have an arc shape zipped door, which opens from bottom, up, to rear. Both doors can then be rolled back and clipped out of the way with webbing and buckles.

Sheerlines Canopies with roll up doors have two zips on each side, which open from bottom to top. Both doors can then be rolled up and hold in place with elasticated rings and plastic clips.

What are rear zips?

Vertical rear zips can be added for access to rear bags. Elasticated rings fasten to plastic clips, keeping you rolled rear door in place. We offer these are as an optional extra.

How long does it take to assemble a canopy?

Each kit comes with a set of instructions and tell you what tools will be required.Putting on a canopy should simply be a matter of 30-40 minutes of time, with a few basic tools.

How does delivery work?

Please visit our Documentation page to review our full delivery and returns policy.

How is my data handled?

Please visit our Documentation page to review our full privacy policy.

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Mobility and comfort are our top priority