Mobility and comfort are our top priority

New Collection of Adaptative Garments

January 5, 2023

Our new collection of garments is specifically designed for mobility scooters and wheelchairs and will help keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. These products are easy to put on and take off and will help protect you and your mobility device from the rain and wind.

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Protect Your Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair in the Rain

In the colder and wetter months, it's important to make sure you're prepared to keep using your mobility scooter or wheelchair in any weather. Wet and windy conditions can be a deterrent for those with mobility issues, but with the right tools and accessories, you can feel confident and safe going out in your scooter or chair.

Our new collection of garments is specifically designed for mobility scooters and wheelchairs. These garments will help keep you dry, warm, and comfortable in cold weather, and are easy to put on and take off.

Keep Warm and Dry with One-Size-Fits-All garments

In our new collection, you'll find items like the Neck Warmer, a simple and easy way to stay warm and dry on your scooter, wheelchair or powerchair. This can be worn under or over jackets or coats even if you are not a scooter/wheelchair/powerchair user. We also have the Canterbury Cover, a one-size-fits-all solution that easily attaches with webbing and Velcro tabs. It's made of waterproof PU nylon and features a large front pocket to protect your phone or tablet from the rain. If you need extra warmth, we also offer a version of the Canterbury Cover with a sewn-in fleece lining.

The Rannoch Rainguard and Two-Piece Detachable Garments

For scooter users, we have the Rannoch Rainguard, which protects you and your scooter from the wind and rain. The clear front panel allows you to see your controls and your lights show forward as usual, and the elasticated hem prevents the Rannoch from flapping in the wind. It's fully waterproof with taped seams and comes in a range of sizes to fit different scooter models. Compared to our old style Rannoch, this one comes in a combination of two colours and a slightly different pocket.

In addition to these products, our new collection includes two-piece detachable garments and leg covers, perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth and protection on your scooter or wheelchair. The greatest advantage is that you can wear them together or you can choose to wear them separate.

Don't let the rain hold you back – stay active and independent with our high-quality mobility scooter and wheelchair accessories.

Author: R.Calin

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Mobility and comfort are our top priority