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Wheelchair Range
Wheelchair Range

Wheelchair Range

Our ORIGINAL RANGE showcases high quality , essential waterproof clothing designed to keep you dry during sudden showers, at a sensible price . All have been designed ,if necessary ,to allow a carer to put them on quickly and easily. Our more recent PREMIER RANGE introduces much more sophisticated , softer feel , breathable rainwear with optional matching soft fleeces intended to keep a wheelchair user , warm, dry and comfortable for long periods in wet or cold situations.

Coniston Cape
Coniston Cape     (Original range) This cape is the quickest and easiest answer to a sudden sh…
Winchester mac with sleeves ( original range )
Winchester mac with sleeves (original range) Our Winchester mac with sleeves is perfect for those who can propel themse…
Winchester Mac without sleeves ( Original range )
Winchester Mac without sleeves ( Original range ) Our unsleeved version of the Winchester mac is designed for those who…
Warwick Mac with sleeves ( Premier Range )
Warwick Mac with sleeves This sophisticated Warwick Mac has sleeves with adjustable cuffs, a collar and full length fr…
Warwick Fleece with sleeves ( Premier Range )
Warwick Fleece with sleeves (Premier Range) So soft and warm, this fleece can be worn on its own or zipped into the mat…
Warwick mac ( unsleeved ) Premier Range .
Warwick mac (unsleeved) Premier Range Our unsleeved version of the Warwick mac has a full length zip and elasticates u…
Canterbury Cover ( Original range )
Canterbury Cover (Original Range) The Canterbury cover is a simple and easy cover to attach, which is elasticated aroun…
Windermere Warmer ( Original range )
Windermere Warmer ( Original range ) The Windermere Warmer for wheelchairs is attached by means of loops that go over t…
Plymouth Powermac ( Original Range )
Plymouth Powermac (Original Range) The Plymouth Powermac completely covers both user and powerchair with a see-throug…
Bayswater Bag
Bayswater Bag This is our largest wheelchair bag, zipped at the top for security.  This has carrying handles and a…

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