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Scooter range
Scooter range

Scooter range

Our ORIGINAL RANGE showcases high quality essential waterproof clothing designed to keep you dry during sudden showers at a sensible price . Our more recently added PREMIER RANGE introduces much more sophisticated softer feel breathable rainwear with matching zip -in soft -fleeces intended to keep a Scooter user warm, dry and comfortable for long periods in wet and cold situations.

Kendal mac
 Kendal Mac ( original range ) Our best selling Kendal mac  comes in one generous size that covers the knees …
Conway Cape
Conway Cape (Premier range) This is a simple 'Poncho' style garment. No zips with these, the sleeved look is cr…
Conway Fleece
Conway Fleece ( Premier range ) The Conway fleece range has been designed to complement the waterproof Conway cape. The…
Rannoch Rainguard
Rannoch Rainguard (original range) Our Rannoch Rainguard protects you and your Scooter and its electronic control panel…
Windermere Warmer
Windermere Warmer (original range) The Windermere Warmer attaches with a rear 'envelope' slipping over the back…
Standard scooter storage cover
Standard Scooter storage cover Our standard storage covers are fully waterproof  in 4 oz PU nylon with taped seams…
Heavy duty storage cover
Heavy Duty Storage cover Our heavy duty storage covers are made from much heavier PU nylon to withstand much more arduo…
Large Richmond Scooter bag
Our large Richmond bag for scooters is a huge 14.5 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 5 inches out .  Zipped for secur…
Large Richmond bag with stickholders
Large Richmond bag with stick/crutch holders Our favourite Richmond bag as above, but here incorporating up to 2 stick …
Small Richmond bag
Small Richmond bag This smaller version of the popular Richmond bag has been designed to fit the reduced size seats on …

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