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There are now hundreds of different mobility scooters: Sheerlines manufacture Canopies to fit most medium or larger 4 wheel and many 3 wheel scooter types. Please call us  on 01384-379700/01384 375600 or e-mail just to check that YOUR Scooter can be fitted. Note that we cannot safely fit canopies to small 'car-boot' scooters.

Benefits of Canopies

Canopies provide two really important benefits: Clearly the rain is kept on the outside, but the other major benefit is to reduce the effect of the cold wind when driving. Remember that the wind effect is much greater if driving at 3-4 miles per hour into a headwind, particularly for those with asthma and other breathing difficulties. A canopy can be added relatively cheaply to most medium and larger scooters, and will give scooter users much greater comfort and flexibility . With a canopy your scooter really can be used in most weather conditions .

De-Luxe Canopies

( note that the poppy transfers shown in the photo are an optional extra ).

This photo shows our current de-luxe canopy. This has completely clear flexible panels all around and for the first time has a rigid white polypropylene roof to keep you shaded in summer. This roof also supports the fabric canopy and prevents any possibility of rain 'pooling ' on the top of the canopy if left standing in the rain.

Both roof and side seam,s are fully protected with heat sealed seams and give almost 100% waterproof capability. As usual , we feature our easy reach 'arc' zips as standard , but for those who prefer vertical zip opening this is now available as an extra, and double rear zips are also available for bag access , at extra charge.

Note that all door zips have a second zip slide which allows you to open a zipped 'window' to chat to a friend, reach a pedestrian crossing button , or just to give some air ! All canopies have a cut-out at the rear to allow lights to be seen , to reach the motor free wheel and to give access to under-seat attachment points ( used for adding such things as stick holders , rear trailers etc ).

Standard Canopies

Similar to the de-luxe types these are available in a combination of clear and coloured PVC, to allow colour matching to most popular scooter types. Our four current colours are dark red , dark blue , black or light grey.

Our 'standard pattern ' doors open and close in an 'arc' which follows the natural movement of your arm, but we can supply vertical zips instead, as an extra if required and add rear zips for access to bags or sticks as an optional extra as well.

As with the de luxe types there are twin zips on each door and the second zip allows a 'window' to be opened for ventilation, to chat to a friend or to reach out to a pedestrian crossing control button. At the rear is a cut out to allow the rear lights to be seen , to give access to the motor free-wheel and access if required to the underseat attachment points for stick holders, oxygen bottles etc.

Note that on the standard canopies , waterproof taped seaming is only present on the roof seams and the rigid polypropylene roof panel included on the deluxe version is not normally available.

A rough idea of price :

Perhaps 90% of our standard canopies have a recommended retail price of  £347 + £14 carriage , while de luxe canopies  for the most part retail at £392 + £14 carriage but note that there are larger and more complicated Scooters that may be up to£100 more expensive. Also note that we do not have a team of engineers on the road to attach your canopy for you. We generally work through Mobility shops who will happily  purchase the canopy from us on your behalf and then carry out the attachment on your . They will quite reasonably expect to charge for this and you should expect a charge of perhaps £60-100 for this. Remember also that the recommended prices are just that; we have no control over the prices that you may find suggested in the market. These price indications are exclusive of VAT.

If you feel confident and have an able bodied assistant ( relative or neigbour ? ) who has a few basic spanners , and can lift the scooter up at the front to fit the attachment bracket , and kneel down at the rear to attach the rear bracket you may be able to complete the attachment yourselves. Attachment with the aid of our instruction leaflet should take no more than around 40 minutes. It is essential to remember that we make canopies for more than 350 completely different Scooters. We need to know EXACTLY which type of scooter you have because your canopy will be made as a special one off for you .This is why you are not able to order these canopies on line . We need to talk to you and make quite sure that you know what you are ordering . So please contact us on 01384-379700/01384 375600 or email

Delivery: To manufacture and deliver we expect a lead time of 2-3 weeks. This can be improved on during the quieter summer months, but may be longer in our busier winter months. Remember that if you order through a mobility shop they will quite reasonably need a few extra days to arrange their schedules to fit in your canopy attachment.

VAT Canopies qualify for VAT exemption, so as long as you can tick the appropriate check box when you come to check out , you will not have to pay VAT on the prices above if you live in the UK or EC . A declaration for VAT is not required for overseas customers who are not from the European Community , but note that other internal taxes might be applicable when you import a canopy or other products .

Taking  care when you drive with your canopy ! Please note that we cannot attach windscreen wipers to flexible front screens and cannot provide heaters for de-misting. Rain may cause some reduction of visibility , but  just reduce speed or stop in extreme conditions . Take a leather or cloth to help deal with condensation.

At night some drivers experience problems with light reflecting back off the front screen from their headlights. Make sure that adjustable headlights are angled down where possible and try to drive with the tiller angle further forward than usual.

Heavy winds : remember that if you get off your scooter in heavy winds your own body weight will no longer be helping to keep the scooter on the floor ! So leave your scooter in a sheltered place and not at the end of a windy alley. If you are caught out in really heavy winds, open both of your upper zipped 'windows ' so that the wind will vent through, and in the most severe conditions , open both doors , and strap them back for maximum 'venting' !

All your Canopy options

OK , so you need to contact us to work out exactly which scooter you have so we can supply exactly the right canopy , but here below are your options and spare parts list.

1 The deluxe canopy , completely clear ,with a rigid roof to reduce the possibility of rain water 'pooling ' on the roof , and with extra taped seams for maximum waterproof capacity.


2 The Standard canopy in four different colour ways to suit your Scooter.


3 Both de luxe and standard canopies come with our 'Arc ' zips as standard . These allow a window to open for ventilation , to chat to passers by , or reach a pedestrian crossing button . They roll back and can be clipped out of the way. Optional extras are roll up side zips and roll up rear zips for rear bag access. Note that doors roll back and have adjustable clips to allow you drive with one or both doors open in fine weather. The cut out at the rear allows access to the freewheel, visibility for lights and access to the underseat attachments ( used for adding boxes, stick holders, trailers oxygen bottle holders etc).


4 Canopy cover : keeps the bird droppings , dust and rain off your canopy if it has to be left outside.


5 Rear Canopy basket and rear canopy basket cover for added security.


6 Internal rear view mirror. This clamps onto front upright frame tubes  and is adjustable like a car's internal rear mirror. NOTE this product is NOT VAT exempt.


7 Canopy stick or crutch holders . These clamp either inside or outside the canopy ( outside will require careful cutting of holes in the canopy fabric ). Each pair of stick holders carries one stick. This product qualifies for VAT exemption.

Note that replacement parts are available for ALL sections of your canopy , brackets or  frame  if you are unlucky enough to suffer any damage, but again we will have to check EXACTLY what Scooter type you have in order to provide you with your parts . So please contact us with this information and we will then be able to quote for these bits. Repairs can also be undertaken if you have damaged the fabric on your canopy.

Please email us at or call us on 01384-379700/01384 375600

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